Treatment for Dry Macula Degeneration

Radlett Opticians is introducing the 1st approved European treatment for dry age related macula degeneration (AMD)

 Dry Age related macula degeneration can result in irreversible, severe loss of vision affecting ones quality of life. Up to recently there was no proven treatment for dry AMD, patients were expected to stabilise the condition by lifestyle changes, sunlight protection, supplements and the cessation of smoking. LumiThera developed the Valeda device which harnesses photobiomodulation for safe and effective treatment of dry AMD.

Valeda uses low-level light therapy to energise and provide oxygen to the retinal cells.

The lightsite 1 study showed an improvement in vision, contrast sensitivity and a reduction in retinal metabolic waste (drusens).

The other benefit of Valeda is a reduction in inflammation and general slowing of the progression of AMD.

LumiThera is currently trialling other uses of photobiomodulation for diabetic maculopathy.

At Radlett Opticians we have the equipment to firstly diagnose AMD with the use of retinal imaging and OCT scanners.

The treatment involves 9 sessions over a period of 3 weeks and the same treatment repeated every 6 months. The ongoing Valeda treatment is comparable to physiotherapy of the eye.