Visual Tracking and Colorimetry Assessment


The Colorimeter was scientifically developed to alleviate symptoms of visual stress (Meares-Irlen Syndrome). The test involves sequentially displaying colours when reading to resolve:

  • Blurring of text

  • Movement of letters

  • Letters changing size

  • Skipping letters

  • Missing lines

  • Misunderstanding paragraphs

  • Having to re-read lines

  • Headaches and tiredness

  • Visual discomfort


A further advance in diagnosing visual stress or a binocular vision issue. Three infra-red sensors track the position and movement pattern of the eyes when reading. This allows us to analyse speed of reading and ascertain the cause of the patient’s symptoms.

The minute movements of the eye involved in reading can not be seen by the human eye but the tracker is able to measure micro eye movements.

We have also used the visual tracking system to check post stroke patients eye movements and binocular stability.

Cerium Lenses

Precision tinted lenses are created from the data we collect from the colorimetry device. The coloured lenses can be prescribed with or without a prescription. Some patients with vestibular migraines and fibromyalgia have also benefited from Cerium tinted lenses.

One of our optometrists will advise you when to wear the tinted spectacles, for instance when reading off a school board, when reading books or when performing any detailed work.

The first Intuitive colorimeter was designed in 1993 by Professor Arnold Wilkins when he was working at the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge. He conducted research that established the existence of an underlying photophobic condition, previously under-recognised, that could impede the visual ability to read text. The symptoms of the condition were frequently confused with those of dyslexia.


Thank you so much to Aaran for the Visual Stress assessment that he undertook with Erin this morning.  It was completely fascinating to see how the colour helped Erin to focus on the words and track as she read. Thank you for taking the time to explain all the results to us, it really has made sense of the challenges Erin has had with her reading, comprehension, concentration and work performance.  It was really interesting to see how tired her eyes became, and how much effort she was putting into reading and understanding the words as she undertook the test.  It gave me a very good sense of how she has struggled. Erin is really happy that she will have some help in going forward, and is looking forward to receiving her new glasses. Thank you for all your time and help, it is greatly appreciated.