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Dear Mr. Patel, Thank you very much for your advice and for organising everything so quickly. I will of course attend. Best wishes M.M.
Dear Mr. Patel, As you may be aware, I now have an appointment at the Watford Eye Clinic next Tuesday afternoon.

It was very kind of you to expedite matters on my behalf so promptly. Your professional care and personal concern is much appreciated. Thank you, E.C.

Thank you once again for a thorough and precise report for this patient with a neurological problem. Dr. M.G.
I will always travel 200 miles to have my eyes and contact lenses tested at Radlett opticians because I always find that you provide a comprehensive and thorough eyetest coupled with the personal care. Miss S.G. – Herefordshire
The tinted lenses that you prescribed for my son has made a world of difference for his confidence and studying. His reading ability has improved tremendously and his concentration has benefited from the tinted lenses. Mrs. B.C.
The equipment that you possess at this small practice dwarfs the equipment available for us consultants at our hospital eye clinic. Mr. M.T Consultant Opthamologist
Thankyou so much for the most thorough, methodicaland efficient eye examination I have been most fortunate to have had -ever! I also appreciate the considerable time and effort you undertook on my behalf.
I await to hear from the surgeon at the hospital in due course. Mr B F
We were drawn to you from your clinical articles in the optical magazine and we were not disappointed with the thorough eye examination, seeing you enjoy optometry to its core, makes me envious! Mr. PL (Retired Optometrist)
Dear Mr Patel,
Thankyou so much for all your help with the field of vision tests you performed for me last month. As a result of the consultation I have undergone successful eyelid surgery and my vision is much improved Mrs L M. Radlett
My husband attended your practice this morning following a referal by his consultant Mr T. We would like to thank you for the thorough examination and the time you took to answer all our questions and concerns,we appreciated it very much Mr & Mrs J McG
Dear Kirit,
It was presumptuous of me to call in unannounced and ask you to examine my grandsons eye following his fall at school.I am sure you understand only too well how anxiuos one can become over an injury of this type. Please accept my sincere thanks for your friendly and helpful response. Mr R C -Radlett
Thankyou very much for identifying my problem. I have had YAG laser treatment at moorfields on both eyes and my vision is now perfect. Mr B D
Thankyou so much for seeing me when visiting ‘home’.The glasses you made for my partner were perfect. Not only did they fit perfectly but shouts of ‘wow’ I can see properly were heard all over Austin!!! He is delighted.
Your website home page should include ‘as far as the USA’ in the future,I wouldn’t go to any one else. Good thing eyes don’t need testing monthly! Thanks again we really appreciate you help. Ms T O Austin Texas
A brief note to apologise for being such a difficult person to assess yesterday.I do have days when I feel particularly vague, but you always remain so calm and courteous however busy you are, you are an inspiration.I always appreciate your excellent attention to my needs. Mrs C B Radlett
Thankyou so much for sending my results through from my last visit yesterday. I am most grateful you have taken so much care over my vision. Dr A B
Kirit, Thankyou for the wonderful service.It is always a pleasure doing business together and I thank you for the care and attention you give. Mr N B
Hi Kirit,

I went to see Mr J yesterday and he sang your praises. If he said it once, he said it half a dozen times – “What an excellent letter!”
You would have blushed!!

I think he agreed with you. The odd tilt is hereditary – Mum had it too apparently. And he concurs that it is the beginning of glaucoma, worthy of monitoring at the moment. He too found the case “interesting!” and borderline.

So I can only thank you for being on the ball and not taking risks.

I really appreciate your attention.

Thank you Dr G S

Thankyou for your kindness in allowing me to experiment with the Brierley mouse.I am convinced that I shall benefit from it. Mrs Freda L
Thankyou so much for your kindness when I returned from Spain. You were so reassuring that I immediately felt better. The Dr’s have now adjusted my medication so all’s well.The sunglasses were superb in Krakow, I wore them all the time.Thankyou again, and regards to your wife, who was so kind to me when I lived nearby. Mrs J B
In my 80 years of having an eye test I have never had such a thorough and professional eye examination. I feel honored that you rang me to check whether my clinic had made an appointment for injections to my right eye- Thank you for your care and attention! Mr.PB
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  • 1 - Thank you so much for the most thorough, methodical and efficient eye examination I have been most fortunate to have had -ever! I also appreciate the considerable time and effort you undertook on my behalf.