We stock a variety of sunglasses from well known designer brands to sport specific sunglasses (golf, cycling & sailing) as well as brands that are known for their lens technology. Sunglasses should ideally provide protection from harmful UV-B rays of wavelength 280-420nm.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim uses Polarised Plus 2 technology which not only protects the eyes from harmful uv damage and glare reduction but also enhances the world’s true colours in detail.

In summary:

  • Vivid colour

  • Clarity

  • Design

  • UV protection

Maui Jim have developed lenses specific to the sport or activity you regularly participate in, please ask one of our Optometrists or dispensers for further details on what lenses may benefit you


PRIZM is an Oakley lens technology designed to enhance colour, contrast so you can see more detail.

in summary:

  • Colour tuned to create a more vivid and vibrant world.

  • Contrast defined to increase depth perception and highlight surrounding environment features.


Rayban sunglasses have been market leader since 1937. Originally developed for military use. Rayban has continually evolved, fitting its iconic models with extraordinary innovative lenses that boast cutting edge technology and colour features.

in summary:

  • Classic G-15 tint blocks out most of the harmful UV light. The green lenses provide remarkable colour contrast and a more natural vision.

  • Polarised Green classic G-15 lenses dramatically reduce brightness reflecting off shiny surfaces such as water or white buildings. Polarised G-15 increases contrast, visual clarity and reduces eye strain.

  • Polarised Blue Mirror Chromance lenses fine-tunes light, making everyday colours brighter, clearer, and more extraordinary.