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Diabetic Eye Examination

Rest assured all diabetic patients are entitled to a FREE annual NHS eye examination at an optician of their choice. This entitlement allows a basic eye examination with a brief peek at the retina to assess for any abnormality.

Diabetic patients are also entitled to a free diabetic screening at a venue nominated by the West Herts diabetic screening service for fundus photography.

At Radlett Opticians all patients can have a much more thorough and in-depth private examination of the eyes for a small fee. The extra tests that will be exclusively undertaken are as follows:

  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy to assess the anterior chamber, cornea and the crystalline lens for risk of glaucoma, corneal abnormalities, dry eyes and cataracts
  • Volk lens examination to assess the vitreous for any signs of vitreous detachment or inflammation
  • Thorough assessment of the retina to ensure that there are no signs of retinal thickening due to the retinopathy or more seriously detecting retinopathy that could lead to blindness
  • New to the practice is the Daytona Optomap retinal camera which gives us a 200 degree view of the retina which is 5 times more coverage compared to the fundus camera and providing unprecedented panoramic view of the retina

With expertise and technology at the disposal of optometrists at Radlett Opticians we are able to provide a complete eye examination service for all patients including diabetics, glaucoma and macula degeneration patients with an emphasis on patient care as well as detecting pathology of the retina at the earliest opportunity.

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  • 1 - Thank you so much for the most thorough, methodical and efficient eye examination I have been most fortunate to have had -ever! I also appreciate the considerable time and effort you undertook on my behalf.