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This instrument is very useful for assessing the anterior segment of the eyes. Eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, iris and crystalline lens are assessed by this versatile instrument. Being a technologically advanced practice Radlett Opticians uses a camera to image and video any unusual and interesting conditions of the anterior segment such as conjunctivitis, cataracts, eyelid benign lesions as well as eyelid melanomas and this practice is regularly visited by patients who have ingrowing eyelashes, foreign bodies trapped, red eyes and very often injuries to the front of eye by babies nails or gardening scratch by a branch.

This instrument is the most often used for contact lens wearers to assess the fit of contact lenses and the health of the cornea. Cataracts are frequently seen in elderly patients and with the aid of slitlamp bio-microscope one is able to grade the level of the cataract whether it is mild, moderate or severe. The cataracts are also recorded according to their position at the front or back of the lens or whether it is at the edge of the lens and more often you will see descriptions on referral letters as anterior cortical, posterior sub-capsular, nuclear sclerosis and cortical cataracts. At Radlett Opticians we will give a full and concise explanation of your cataracts and reason for the visual problems that you may experience.

Conjunctivitis can be easily viewed with the bio-microscope and again we are able to differentiate between bacterial, viral and allergic conjunctivitis. Corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions and foreign bodies trapped in the cornea are regularly observed, diagnosed and treated with drops or referred to a specialist for more intense treatment.

At Radlett Opticians we believe in giving all our patients a full eye examination and using a Volk lens to thoroughly examine the retina both centrally and peripherally is a norm. Diabetics have a Volk lens examination at every visit even though we do not get paid for undertaking such a thorough examination. Money is not a motivating factor for this practice but the knowledge that
patients eyes have been checked thoroughly and we endeavor to give a service that matched by only a few screening centers. We feel reassured by the confidence that our patients have in our provision of eye care.

Ask a 5 year old who scratched his cornea with a toothbrush, a 40 year old who had plastic flying into the eye following a long run a 8 year old with sand stuck on the cornea following a visit to the beach. Not to forget a 18 year old with a squash ball injury and a dangerous bleed in the anterior chamber requiring an urgent referral to an ophthalmologist ending up with a week of bed rest and continuous specialist observation.

This instrument is the most versatile equipment in the practice able to undertake variety of tests stereoscopically.


An optical coherence tomographer has changed the landscape of optics in the past 7 years. This instrument is akin to an MRI scanner allowing us to scan the retinal layers in great depth and detail. It uses light of different wavelengths to image the retina. This instrument has been the pride and joy of the practice for the past 6 years and in that time numerous patients have been referred for WET maculopathy, glaucoma and various eye pathologies.

Macula degeneration affects half a million people in the UK and with the use of the OCT the various layers of the retina are imaged and with confidence we can classify the macula degeneration
as DRY or WET. DRY macula degeneration leads to deposit of drusens at the centre of eye and this is related to deposits of retinal bi-products which may interfere with vision. There was no treatment in the past apart from healthy lifestyle with cessation of smoking and using anti-oxidants and multivitamins. Recently, a rejuvenating laser has been marketed by an Australian company and we await some exciting clinical trial results from this safe nano-second laser.

WET maculopathy occurs in only 20% of suffers but results in devastating visual loss in 80% of cases. It is thought that deposits on the retina can lead to hypoxia and neovascularisation. These new vessels bleed easily into the retina and may ultimately lead to visual loss. Over the past 5 years NICE has sanctioned treatment of WET macula degeneration with anti Vegf injections such as Lucentis. Numerous patients will vouch for our unbiased use of the OCT and referral to the correct authority for treatment.

OCT is used for thorough assessment of the retinal nerve fibers and measuring thickness of the retinal nerve fibers is essential in glaucoma management. Retinal nerve fiber thickness is measured in microns and with a large international database the results are compared to age, sex and race to ascertain loss of nerve fibers. This instrument detects 6 years ahead of any other equipment on the market and by the time visual loss is detected we believe 50% of nerve fibers are lost. We can confidently say that patients are regularly referred to the practice for glaucoma follow up. OCT is also useful in examining the anterior segment of the eye and for glaucoma we can check the thickness of the cornea with a technique called pachymetry and angle assessment to rule out narrow angle or angle closure.


Until recently optometrists could only observe two thirds of the retina with certainty even after dilating. Daytona has changed all this giving us a 200 degree panoramic view of the retina.
Numerous retinal pathologies, retinal tears and detachments are located in the periphery so to ensure that we detect these at the earliest possible stage we have proactively invested in this superb equipment. This ultra wide painless and safe digital retinal scan can also be undertaken for children as well, allowing us to make informed decision about your eye health.

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  • 1 - Thank you so much for the most thorough, methodical and efficient eye examination I have been most fortunate to have had -ever! I also appreciate the considerable time and effort you undertook on my behalf.